Moon In The Mirror By P. R. Frost

Published by (2007-09-04)

Tess Noncoiré, bestselling fantasy writer turned martial arts demon hunter, is back for another rollicking adventure. Trouble has followed Tess to her own doorstep, and now she and her sidekick Scrap must protect her mother from a demon she’s fallen in love with while at the same time fighting off an invasion led by the king of the Trolls—who bears far too close a resemblance to a garden gnome...

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Format: eBook
Price: 8.99 CAD / 5.99 USD
Published: 2007-09-04
ISBN: 9781440633515
Page Count: 400

“Frost is an innovative and welcome new voice in urban fantasy.”—Patricia Briggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Iron Kissed