Mr. Krup’s Pup By Eva Lindström; Translated by Annie Prime

ISBN: 9781662620713


Published by (2024-12-03)

In this whimsical tale from award-winning Swedish author Eva Lindström, a man goes to extraordinary—and humorous—lengths to show his dog how much he loves her.

It’s nighttime and Mr. Krup's dog exclaims that she loves looking at the moon. Mr. Krup, who adores his dog more than anything else, suddenly starts building a rocket ship and one day disappears off into outer space. When he finally returns from his mysterious mission, he has a special gift to give to his dog . . .

In this mischievously comical tale from one of Sweden’s most beloved children’s authors, readers will delight in the absurdity of this dog-human friendship, and perhaps even see themselves reflected in Mr. Krup's irrational devotion to his furry friend.

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Published: 2024-12-03
ISBN: 9781662620713
Page Count: 32
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