My Librarian is a Camel By Margriet Ruurs

My Librarian is a Camel

How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World

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ISBN: 9781629792736


Published by (2005-08-01)

Do you get books from a public library in your town or even in your school library? In many remote areas of the world, there are no library buildings. In many countries, books are delivered in unusual way: by bus, boat, elephant, donkey, train, even by wheelbarrow. Why would librarians go to the trouble of packing books on the backs of elephants or driving miles to deliver books by bus? Because, as one librarian in Azerbaijan says, "Books are as important to us as air or water!" This is the intriguing photo essay, a celebration of books, readers, and libraries.

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Published: 2005-08-01
ISBN: 9781629792736
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"With little information available about libraries of the world, this title offers a glimpse into the world of books, which several countries consider as important as air or water. This might be an interesting revelation to many students who consider reading a laborious task and to those who take an abundance of books very much for granted." — School Library Journal

"One of the more unusual books about libraries, this may also get kids thinking about children in other countries in a way that the series books never do." — Kirkus Reviews

"The easygoing and accessible narrative would work well as either a readaloud or as a text for independent readers. . . . Well organized and engaging." — Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books