Pangolina By Jane Goodall

ISBN: 9781662650406


Published by (2021-06-08)

From legendary naturalist Jane Goodall, an absorbing fictional tale that will steal hearts and open minds about the plight of the pangolin, the only mammalian species with scales, and endangered by illegal trafficking.

After a blissful babyhood being cared for by her loving mother, Pangolina ventures out alone into the forest to become an independent adult, helped along by wise, older animal companions, including a civet and a bat. But one day cruel hunters trap Pangolina, putting her into a cage along with her friends, and bring them to a market to be sold as wild game. Pangolina is especially vulnerable, since her scales are prized by humans who believe they have curative powers. To the rescue comes a small girl who knows that pangolins are friendly fellow creatures who have feelings too, and who convinces her mother to buy Pangolina and set her free. Jane Goodall's many followers and all animal-loving children and adult picture book fans will be riveted by this suspenseful and heartwarming fictional story set in China and including an authoritative informational page about pangolins and suggestions for how to help fight animal trafficking.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 17.99 USD / 23.99 CAD
Published: 2021-06-08
ISBN: 9781662650406
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 9-1/2 x 11-1/2

★ "Who can resist a book about an endangered animal by renowned conservationist Jane Goodall?” Booklist, STARRED

★"Thoughtfully taps our natural capacity for empathy and kindness in caring for all creatures and our planet." — Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

A Green Earth Book Award Long List nominee

"Fascinating….Young listeners and readers will adore Pangolina….Pangolina herself seems practically cuddly due to the exquisite artwork from illustrator Daishu Ma…..Teachers, students and librarians will fall in love with Pangolina. Everyone will want to add this title to their collection. Highly Recommended." — School Library Connections

"★★★★★ Excellent / Starred. Would make a nice readaloud for a unit on animals as many people have not even heard of pangolins or their plight.  Any child between the ages of six and ten might enjoy this book." — Youth Services Book Review

"Children will respond strongly to this heartfelt appeal on behalf of a unique and rapidly disappearing wild creature.” — School Library Journal

"Primatologist Goodall protests the endangered species trade with the story of Pangolina, a wide-eyed, thoughtful pangolin….telling 'more and more children about the animals of China.' Illustrator Ma creates simple, engaging creatures with huge eyes that are full of feeling….includes information about this endangered species and steps to fight the trade." — Publishers Weekly

"A celebration of naturalists, authored by the one and only Jane Goodall! …. a heartwarming and gripping story of friendship and conservation…..Goodall includes detailed notes at the end of the book so children can learn all about the pangolin and how to protect it." - The Silvan Reverie

“Powerful, true, age-appropriate…. tells a sad, tragic story about what happens in certain parts of the world to wildlife... in a way that’s age-appropriate, without watering down the content or making it unrealistic. The story could … lead to questions about morality, animal care, or cultural differences." - Daddy Mojo

“Pangolina imparts a wealth of information about pangolins and their habitat...Thought provoking….the art is striking." - Youth Services Book Review

Fantastic! And thank you Jane Goodall for continuing to do a lot of work on behalf of wild animals.” - Pragmatic Mom

“All the elements of this book – fictional story, nonfiction information, a resource section for further learning, and beautifully artsy illustrations – all come together to make a neat package. We read, we learn, we care." -- Two Book Worms

"A beautiful book … provides a heartwarming and suspenseful story, all the while providing information about this unique animal. The back of the book contains more information and resources to learn more about pangolins." -- PA School Librarians Assn. Literature Review

"Do you have a little animal lover in your house? Perhaps a future animal rights activist? How can you possibly not be excited about a picture book written by the one and only Jane Goodall - a true hero for the creatures on our planet. Her life’s work is an inspiration, and with this book she shares some of that inspiration with the next generation.” -- Dad Suggests

“The heart of the story is about how precious all species are and how humans need to step up and save them." -- Picture Book Playdate