Paper Stories By Aunyarat Watanabe

Paper Stories

A Snip and Glue Activity Book


Published by (2023-04-18)

This giraffe needs spots! The pizza needs toppings! It’s a snip and glue activity book perfect for little hands just learning to use scissors and glue. Grab scissors, cut on the dotted lines, paste or glue on the bite-size cut-outs, and voilà!

This bright, fun activity book is perfect for young crafty kids who love to create, copy, or just make things. Each spread features an incomplete scene—such as a garden that needs butterflies, giraffes missing spots, and pizza that needs toppings—plus a strip of colorful spot illustrations and shapes marked with dotted lines for cutting. Children can cut along the lines and paste the cutouts wherever they like in the scene to create their own illustrated stories. They can also try cutting closer to the image—without the dotted lines—and be more faithful to the shapes! An activity book will help kids develop fine motor skills and inspire them to create art from what they have on hand.

Book Details

Format: Trade Paperback
Price: 15.99 CAD / 11.99 USD
Published: 2023-04-18
ISBN: 9781662640384
Page Count: 64
Trim Size: 9 x 11