Penguins! By Laurence Pringle; Illustrated by Meryl Learnihan Henderson


Strange and Wonderful

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ISBN: 9781620915912


Published by (2013-09-01)

Laurence Pringle's fascinating and informative book, with stunning illustrations by Meryl Henderson, introduces young readers to the life and behavior of one of nature's most remarkable—and most popular—birds. The seventeen species of penguin come in all sizes and live in a surprising range of habitats. Readers familiar with the emperor penguin that stands almost four feet tall and lives in the Antarctic may be surprised to encounter the little blue penguin that's only about sixteen inches high and hops ashore into the green forests of southern Australia and southern New Zealand. This book is packed with such a wealth of information, even penguin enthusiasts are bound to learn something new.

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Format: Trade Paperback
Price: 9.95 USD / 12.95 CAD
Published: 2013-09-01
ISBN: 9781620915912
Page Count: 32
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"Filled with enough interesting facts that even penguin fans will find out something new." -Booklist

"Enthusiastic and wonderfully informative, this will grab readers and listeners alike." -Kirkus Reviews

"Will satisfy report writers and browsers alike. . . . [A] wealth of information, from pooping to parenting, presented in an engaging, accessible narrative." -School Library Journal