Princess Pig By Molly Coxe

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ISBN: 9781635924183


Published by (2020-07-10)

Pig and Twig are playing Princess. Pig gets three wishes. But she wants more! This fun photographic easy-to-read story features the short "i" vowel sound. Kane Press's new series of super simple easy-to-reads, Bright Owl Books, launches with Molly Coxe's five photographic stories, which feature the short vowel sounds and are each only around 100 words. These irresistibly silly stories help kids learn to read through repetition and by teaching the basic building blocks of reading—vowel sounds—giving kids the perfect start on educational success.

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Format: eBook
Price: 5.99 USD / 7.99 CAD
Published: 2020-07-10
ISBN: 9781635924183
Page Count: 40

“Coxe has created beautiful scenes with positioned, well-dressed stuffed animals, and a variety of props. . . . Early readers will pore over the pictures enjoying each little detail. As an unusual approach to easy readers, with photos of real stuffed animals and their accessories, this is a new and interesting series. VERDICT Parents and teachers can use these titles for reading as well as writing activities.” —School Library Journal

“What a great theme for an early reader—it’s so relatable to what children go through often with their friends. This is a darling story to practice the short ‘i’ vowel sound.” —Imagination Soup
“Photographs of felt animals pair well with a story full of short ‘i’ sounds. I love that both characters, one more feminine than the other, play the role of princess. Includes two cute story starters in the back. ESSENTIAL.” —Kiss the Book

"This series is just so doggone good... there’s nothing to compare.” —Betsy Bird, Fuse #8, School Library Journal