Quick, Little Monkey! By Sarah L. Thomson; Illustrated by Lita Judge

ISBN: 9781629791005


Published by (2016-03-08)

When Little Monkey's curiosity causes her to slip and fall to the dark, shadowy rainforest floor, she must hide—quick!—because an ocelot is looking for lunch. Thanks to Papa, Little Monkey knows just what to do to stay safe. And thanks to her own wit and speed, she escapes. But no sooner is she safe from the ocelot than she finds herself wrapped in the coils of an emerald tree boa. This exciting adventure will enthrall readers as Little Monkey faces one challenge after another and will also teach them about the fascinating lives of pygmy marmoset monkeys, the smallest monkeys in the world.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 21 CAD / 16.95 USD
Published: 2016-03-08
ISBN: 9781629791005
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 9 x 9

"Bold pencil lines, atmospheric watercolor washes in bright greens, browns, and yellows, and double-page spreads...perfectly convey the drama and energy of jungle life. Exaggerated close-ups of Little Monkey's face capture her range of emotions, from exuberant joy as she rides on Papa's back to paralyzing terror as she faces the unknown. Exciting jungle high jinks starring one adorable little monkey and her protective Papa." — Kirkus Reviews

"As a baby pygmy marmoset rides on her father's back, he shows her how to 'read' the jungle landscape for predators... and to stay safe.... The wide-eyed primate heroine is cute and plucky, and Judge's... woodsy-toned watercolors create moments of high drama... an evocative story of survival of the itty-bittiest." — Publishers Weekly

"This fast-paced adventure in a South American forest will have readers on the edge of their seats.... The illustrations... bring heightened tension and emotion to the crisp, lilting text.... An author's note at the end tells readers more about the story and about pygmy marmosets, including that the father provides much of the childcare. This dad and daughter escapade will easily engage audiences who like drama and action in their nature stories." — School Library Journal