Reynard the Fox By Renate Raecke

Reynard the Fox

Tales from the life of Reynard the Fox

ISBN: 9781662650062


Published by (2020-10-06)

"A collection of folktales at their absolute best" (Elizabeth Bird, about a legendary scoundrel, brought to new life through Renate Raecke's lively retelling and Jonas Lauströer's expressive illustrations.

Reynard the Fox has been a staple trickster character of European literature since at least the Middle Ages. The tales of his schemes have been told many times, and he always manages to win readers' sympathies. Reynard is a rascal, a ne'er-do-well. While we may suffer from his pranks, at the same time we smile at the shrewd thinking through which he escapes hopeless situations. In this expertly retold version, the classic tales of Reynard's exploits find a new life. They speak to us now as much as ever, for who among us doesn't know a Reynard-like figure in our lives?

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 19.99 USD / 26.99 CAD
Published: 2020-10-06
ISBN: 9781662650062
Page Count: 80
Trim Size: 9-4/5 x 9-4/5

“Arresting, kinetic artwork by Jonas Lauströer….the Reynard that kindled the medieval imagination was no cuddly stuffed animal. Ms. Raecke sands down the edges of the violence, but she doesn’t dull Reynard’s wit….Children…growing up with lots of fairy and folk tales will see that Reynard fits right in with these traditions.” —Wall Street Journal

"Raecke cleverly weaves together a number of different Reynard stories to create a single overarching tale... Lauströer’s art often outdoes itself and the book has all the wonder and fear you’d want out of these tales. This is a collection of folktales at their absolute best. Because if you can’t be charmed by a fox in shirtsleeves, you don’t deserve to be charmed at all.” —Elizabeth Bird, Fuse #8 Production,  

“Lauströer’s skill for visual storytelling shines through in masterful illustrations, which read as classical while remaining cleverly modern….A masterfully illustrated and true-to-character take on a classic." —Kirkus Reviews

“Reynard’s tales reflect the duality of every experience and demonstrate that a clever mind is often the most powerful weapon…..Lovers of classic tales and their often gruesome elements will thoroughly enjoy this take.” —School Library Journal 

“Breathtaking visuals make repeat visits likely." —Let's Talk Picture Books