Seeking Freedom

The Untold Story of Fortress Monroe and the Ending of Slavery in America

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Published by (2022-01-04)

In this dramatic Civil War story, a courageous enslaved fugitive teams with a cunning Union general to save a Union fort from the Confederates–and triggers the end of slavery in the United States. This is the first children's nonfiction book about a Black unsung hero who remains relevant today and to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

On the night Virginia secedes from the Union, three enslaved men approach Fortress Monroe. Knowing that Virginia's secession meant they would be separated from their families and sent farther south to work for the Confederacy, the men decided to plead for sanctuary. And they were in luck.
The fort's commander, Benjamin Butler, retained them--and many more that followed--by calling them "contraband of war." Butler depended on the contrabands to provide information about the Confederates. He found the perfect partner in George Scott, one of the contrabands, whose heroism saved the fort from enemy hands. And, it was the plight of the contrabands that convinced President Lincoln that slavery MUST be abolished and inspired him to write his Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the rebellious states.

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Published: 2022-01-04
ISBN: 9781635925647
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★ "Besides telling [George] Scott’s dramatic story, the narrative highlights [Benjamin] Butler’s pivotal decision to regard people who escaped slavery as contraband—a legal strategy enabling the U.S. Army to protect them. With a muted palette featuring grays, greens, browns, and pale, tawny yellows, Lewis creates a series of haunting watercolor paintings that make Scott’s story intense and memorable. This beautifully illustrated picture book enables readers to see the Civil War from a different point of view." —Booklist, starred review

"The story of how two men and a fortress paved the way to freedom for an entire population. The succinct text allows the art to take center stage while relaying pertinent information... rich backmatter... gives a more in-depth look. The watercolor illustrations present eye-catching images... (a) dramatic, superbly illustrated account of a little-known story." —Kirkus Reviews

“Much of the history of Black people in this country has been omitted, ignored, or rendered insignificant by those who write about American history. Without that history, the American story and world history are grossly incomplete. Thankfully, today, more books are being published that accurately spotlight the Black experience. Seeking Freedom: The Untold Story of Fortress Monroe and the Ending of Slavery in America tells a story I did not know and is one that should be told!” —Wade Hudson, author of Defiant: Growing Up in the Jim Crow South and Recognize: An Anthology Honoring and Amplifying Black Life