Sharks By Sandra Markle; Photographs by Doug Perrine


Biggest! Littlest!

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ISBN: 9781590788738


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Discover the amazing survival skills of the sea's most fearsome predators. Here are thirteen of the world's most amazing meat eaters of the sea —from the all-time favorite, the great white, to the chilling little cookie-cutter shark. One is huge. Another is small. One has a giant snout or tail or head. Another has tiny horns or little skin flaps. Readers will learn how each of these traits—big or little—helps a particular type of shark survive in the fish-eat-fish world of the sea. Sandra Markle teams up with world-renowned marine-life photographer Doug Perrine to give young readers an entertaining, exciting introduction to sharks.

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Published: 2011-03-01
ISBN: 9781590788738
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"Just the right amount of detail for the intended audience. . . . Concludes with a full-color world map pinpointing the location of each shark mentioned in the text, a brief glossary, and a list of age-appropriate resources to find more information." --Booklist

"As with all the best nonfiction for the very young, the vivid photographs and high-interest text will spark many youthful imaginations. (glossary, lost of book and Internet resources)" --Kirkus Reviews