Sinners and Saints By Jennifer Roberson

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ISBN: 9780756416324


Published by (2021-03-09)

A biker and a cowboy must fight the coming apocalypse in the second book of the Blood and Bone contemporary western fantasy series.

It's the End of Days, and Gabe and Remi--an ex-con biker and a Texas cowboy--have been conscripted to join the heavenly host in a battle against Lucifer's spec ops troops: demons who inhabit characters from fiction, history, myths, legends, and folklore.

But Gabe and Remi, still learning their roles, now must deal with one particular demon wearing the body of an infamous murderer: Jack the Ripper. Young women bearing the names of the murder victims killed during the Ripper's time are turning up dead, setting Gabe and Remi on a perilous path to save whoever they can, while also battling members of Lucifer's vanguard bent on killing them.

Sinners and Saints is myth and magic, gods and goddesses, angels and agendas.

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Format: eBook
Price: 12.99 USD / 13.99 CAD
Published: 2021-03-09
ISBN: 9780756416324
Page Count: 368

Praise for the Blood and Bone series

"A new Jennifer Roberson novel is always a treat, but a new Jennifer Roberson series is a cause for celebration.... The narrative voice, from Gabe’s first-person perspective, is richly evocative, and the handling of detail, setting and nuance is top-notch, flavored with my favorite cultural references." —Deborah J. Ross, author of The Seven-Petaled Shield

"The world Roberson has created is rich with colorful characters and exciting beasties." —Kirkus Reviews

"If you enjoyed the format and style of Supernatural, then there is a good chance you will want to pick up this series as it has a very similar vibe, but with enough new twists to keep the similarities on the surface." —Game Vortex

"Life and Limb by Jennifer Roberson was a fun read full of fast-paced action and interesting characters that kept me reading." —Arched Doorway

"Roberson has nailed the urban fantasy genre with a touch of noir/hardboiled conventions." —SciFi Movie Page

"Jennifer Roberson makes good use of Greek mythology in this novel and also great use of pop-culture references. Remi and Gabe have a great chemistry and the other supporting characters bring a lot to the books." —Red Carpet Crash