Skybound! By Sue Ganz-Schmitt; Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno


Starring Mary Myers as Carlotta, Daredevil Aeronaut and Scientist

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ISBN: 9781635928150


Published by (2024-04-16)

In this STEAM picture book, take to the skies with Mary Myers, aka “Carlotta,” an aeronaut and inventor whose careful scientific work improved balloons and our understanding of flight, weather patterns, and the atmosphere. In the 1850s, proper young ladies were supposed to keep their feet on the ground (literally and metaphorically), but Mary dreamed of flying. Luckily, she married Carl Myers, a balloon enthusiast whose dreams were just as lofty as hers. Together, they designed and constructed balloons of all shapes and sizes, a difficult and dangerous job that required knowledge of chemistry, engineering, and meteorology. But how could they know which balloon designs worked best? They needed someone adventurous who could do balloon tricks for crowds while recording flight data. Mary knew just the person . . . herself! She gave herself the stage name Carlotta and anxiously awaited her first flight. Would she make it into the air? Could she collect the data they needed? Mary battled thick clouds and bone-chilling cold, but she went higher and farther than she hoped, and returned ready for her next flight.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 24.99 CAD / 18.99 USD
Published: 2024-04-16
ISBN: 9781635928150
Page Count: 48
Trim Size: 9 x 11

★ "Loaded with information, this meticulously researched tale about one high-flying woman’s exploits will captivate readers; quotes from Mary/Carlotta are incorporated. The crisp ink illustrations are superb, beautifully capturing period details and settings; note some eye-popping typesetting creativity. This fascinating book flies high and definitely rises to the occasion." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★ "The life of Mary Myers takes flight in this captivating biographical picture book about a barrier-busting woman scientist...Stunning illustrations with intricate details follow the highs and lows—literally—of her life andcareer. Her story will inspire budding scientists to let their dreams carry them up, up, and away." —Foreword Reviews, starred review

"The amazing account is beautifully told via urgent, animated text and elegant illustrations. Bruno intersperses delightful depictions of antique ephemera (posters, certificates, blueprints) throughout...A soaring story of a remarkable and memorable woman." —Booklist