Speed By Nathan Clement

ISBN: 9781590789377


Published by (2013-04-01)

Rows of stock cars are lined up on the track. The loudspeakers blare: "Ladies and gentlemen, start—your—engines!" There's a sudden rumble of motors as the cars follow the pace car around the track: one lap, two laps, three. Then the green flag rips across the sky and—vroom!—the race is on! In this action-packed picture book, Nathan Clement puts young fans smack in the middle of a stock-car race with graphic illustrations of cars roaring down the speedway, squealing around curves, and zooming 200 miles per hour to the finish line.

Book Details

Format: Hardcover
Price: 16.95 CAD / 16.95 USD
Published: 2013-04-01
ISBN: 9781590789377
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 11 x 8-1/2

". . . Fast and flashy, this racing reverie will appeal to NASCAR fans as well as those who adore all kinds of vehicles."-- Booklist Online

". . . Concise descriptive sentences combine with dramatic digital artwork to trace the action. Clement's lines, curves, and shapes convey motion, speed, and the excitement of the track. . . " --School Library Journal