Spiders By Sandra Markle; Photographs by Dr. Simon Pollard


Biggest! Littlest!

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One spider is as big as a dinner plate. Another one is as tiny as the tiniest raindrop. How does it help a spider to be so big? And how could it help another spider to be so small? Spiders Biggest! Littlest! gives young readers the answers to these and other fascinating questions. Stunning photos of spiders from around the world show how spiders live. Each kind has features—big or small—that help it live in its special part of the world. Young readers take a tour through the world of spiders. Soon, they'll be bitten by a new fascination for some of nature's most interesting creatures.

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Published: 2011-03-01
ISBN: 9781590788752
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"Markle effortlessly engages the youngest science reader and stimulates the curiosity of less able older readers. . . . A good beginning to inspire discussion of animal adaptation." --Kirkus Reviews

"This engaging work offers important insights into spider physiology not present in many other overviews." --School Library Journal