Spirit Fox By Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert

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ISBN: 9781101663851


Published by (2000-01-01)

This collaboration between two skilled fantasists introduces an epic struggle that could ultimately destroy an entire civilization unless a special young woman, spirit-linked to a fox at birth, can harness her gift

The Joyous Reunion has brought peace to the people eof the River and the Marchlands. With learning the art of warfare now prohibited, it seems peace will be assured for eternity. But the arrival of a well-trained foreign army—complete with Magians who practice the magic of destruction—may spell the death of this now-defenseless civilization. At greatest risk are the magic-gifted healers and the spirit-linked—men and women linked at birth with an animal who shares their thoughts, emotions, and even physical sensations. For the Magians have sworn to annihilate them.

Perhaps most in danger is Kiarda, a young woman destined to be spirit-linked to a fox. But when the fox kit is killed at the time of Kiarda’s birth, its spirit has nowhere to go but into the infant’s own body.

This unheard-of event leaves Kiarda ill-prepared when her unsuspected link finally claims her, transforming her into the companion whose spirit is totally entwined with her own. The resulting misunderstanding will see an innocent man condemned to death, and send Kiarda on an odyssey into the very heart of danger.

Targeted for destruction and with only one trained warrior in her party, what chance does Kiarda have of surviving to carry the warning home before it’s too late?

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Format: eBook
Price: 6.99 USD / 7.99 CAD
Published: 2000-01-01
ISBN: 9781101663851
Page Count: 464

Praise for the author

Light, deft storytelling is a valuable commodity in the ranks of sword-and-sorcery novelists, and it’s one that Reichert possesses in notable measure.” —Dragon Magazine
“A master’s touch for provoking curiosity from the reader and drawing dynamic characters.” —Rave Reviews
“Zucker has always written satisfying fantasy adventures in the past and obviously doesn’t intend to break the streak now.” —Chronicle 

“Her writing is altogether magnificent.... Her mastery of military matters is quite incredible.” —Kliatt 

“Reichert has an inventive, fertile imagination and a way with appealing characters.” —American Fantasy Magazine