Strike! By Larry Dane Brimner


The Farm Workers' Fight for Their Rights

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Published by (2014-10-01)

*Discover the important history of California’s migrant workers and their strike for fair wages during the Delano grape strike in the 1960’s

*Learn about Latino civil rights activist César Chávez and Filipino-American labor organizer Larry Itliong

*From Sibert award-winning author Larry Dane Brimner
Here is the gripping story of the Grape Strike that stirred a nation, as well as the rise of Latino civil rights activist César Chávez and the United Farm Workers of America.
In the 1960’s, while the United States was at war and racial tensions were boiling over, Filipino-American workers were demanding fair wages and decent living conditions in California’s vineyards.  When the workers walked off the fields in September 1965, the great Delano grape strike began.  Did the signing of labor contracts with growers in 1970 mean an end to the problems of the American field laborers, or was it a short-lived truce? This nonfiction book for young readers follows the five-year long strike and also provides details about César Chávez and the United Farm Workers.  Award-winning author Larry Dane Brimner’s riveting text, complemented by black-and-white archival photographs and the words of workers, organizers, and growers, tells the powerful history.

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Published: 2014-10-01
ISBN: 9781590789971
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★ "While a number of books celebrating Cesar Chavez are available for younger children, few titles provide more in-depth coverage for olders readers. This informative volume offers a detailed, nuanced discussion of the man and the California agricultural workers' movement . . . Well researched, well sourced, and clearly written, this book is an excellent resource for young people." -- Booklist, starred review

 "A skillful, compelling account of the complicated history of Cesar Chavez and the farm workers movement, set in the context of the social and political tensions of the times . . . With an appealing design and many black-and-white photographs, this paints a vivid, detailed picture of an important labor movement and its controversial yet inspiring leader." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

 "Brimner's comprehensive history of the United Farm Workers (UFW) begins not with Cesar Chavez but with the action of a group of Filipino farm workers who walked off the California fields in 1965. He combines the little-known story of the Filipino workers, a significant segment of migrant farm workers, with that of Chavez and the Hispanic workers, whose actions have received far more attention . . . Brimner's inclusion of information about the Filipino workers who began the movement, quotes and balanced discussion of Chavez's strengths and weaknesses provides a fresh perspective on the movement, making this book a first-purchase choice for middle-level researchers." -- School Library Journal, starred review

" . . . Brimner's compelling narrative, complete with both textual and visual primary sources, is up to the task. The layout is inviting with swatches of green and purple to complement the dominant black-and-white color scheme and well-placed maps and photos, while brief Spanish translations of selected quotes, titles, and epigraphs are incorporated . . . " -- The Horn Book