Tarma and Kethry By Mercedes Lackey

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This omnibus of the acclaimed Vows and Honor trilogy, set in the New York Times bestselling world of Valdemar, follows Tarma and Kethry, swordswoman and sorceress, as they seek justice for past wrongs.

The Oathbound: Introduces Tarma--swordswoman trained by elite warriors in all forms of deadly combat--and Kethry, former noblewoman whose magical skills were shaped by a powerful school of sorcery. United by the Goddess and armed with a magical sword drawing them to those in need, Tarma and Kethry swore a blood oath to fight against evil.

Oathbreakers: When Idra, leader of the Sunhawk mercenaries, failed to return from a journey to her home kingdom of Rethwellan, Tarma and Kethry set out in search of her. Instead they find a land shadowed by a dark enchantment, the claim to the throne in question, and the people of Rethwellan in terrible jeopardy.

Oathblood: The sisters of sword and spell have pledged to train others to fight for their cause, starting a school for fledgling warriors and mages. But training turns out to be far more perilous than expected--and when two of their students are kidnapped, Tarma and Kethry must draw upon their combined skills to answer the call of destiny in ways they never imagined.

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Published: 2018-08-21
ISBN: 9780756414436
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Praise for the Vows and Honor trilogy:

"The author of the Heroes of Valdemar trilogy begins a new series involving a pair of likeable, savvy heroines. Sword and sorcery with warmth and humor make this a story that will appeal to most fantasy fans." —Library Journal

"These stories display Lackey's usual inventiveness and skill with words. For lovers of Lackey's previous Valdemar stories and characters, this book will be joyfully experienced." —VOYA

"Ms. Lackey sensitively explores the nuance and complexity of friendship.... This is an excellently crafted sword and sorcery adventure with a depth that lifts it out of the ordinary. Read it and enjoy." —Rave Reviews