The D’neeran Factor By Terry A. Adams

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ISBN: 9781101635599


Published by (2013-07-02)

For true-humans, it is common knowledge that the D'neerans, human telepaths who come from the planet D'neera, are considered not quite human, though trustworthy. After all, true-humans are the lords of the universe, which is why the exploratory star ship Endeavor has launched its star search, broadcasting a message of greeting and hope to possible sentient lifeforms throughout the galaxy.

Everyone is shocked when their broadcast is answered -- and even more so when the message is meant for the single D'neeran aboard Endeavor, Lady Hanna. Hanna, merely a navigator, is just as suprised, but she must soon shoulder a responsiblity much bigger than she could have forseen. Soon the fate of all humankind and the likelihood of an intersellar war rests on her shoulders, as she becomes the reluctant ambassador for the human race.

This omnibus of Sentience and The Master of Chaos preludes the release of a brand-new Terry A. Adams novel, Battleground, set in the same universe. Upon original publication, Sentience was a Best First Novel in Locus and nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel

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Published: 2013-07-02
ISBN: 9781101635599
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"It is an exciting story, well told and well written.... An excellent SF thriller by a new writer, one whose future books will be well worth watching for." —VOYA

"Adams writes with an elaborate, intricate prose ... [and] weaves an elegant tale that makes for fascinating reading." —Locus

"Ms. Adams proves herself to be a major talent to watch with this complex and fascinating tale." —RT Book Reviews

"Telepathy is a well-used theme in SF, but seldom is it used with the effect that Adams is able to create." —Kliatt