The Flightless Falcon By Mickey Zucker Reichert

Published by (2001-07-01)

From the author of the Renshai novels comes an exciting fantasy adventure, as one man fights to save his family through any means necessary

Tamison had been a miner until the cave-in that killed his brother and father left him with a paralyzing fear of venturing underground. With the passing years and the growth of his own new family, Tamison is willing to turn his hand to any trade that will feed his wife and children. But in a realm where guilds ruleand where his own guild canno longer support himTamison is forced to steal food or see his family starve. Caught in the act, Tamison is sentenced to four years on a chain gang.

And when he is finally released, he discovers that his family had been kidnapped. Now he's determined to rescue thembut he can't do it alone. To break into a seemingly impenetrable city, he will need the help of three unlikely allies: a guard, a thief, and a fortune-teller...

Book Details

Format: eBook
Price: 7.99 CAD / 6.99 USD
Published: 2001-07-01
ISBN: 9781101663943
Page Count: 320

Praise for The Flightless Falcon

"A brand new setting.... Reichert's many fans will enjoy this change of pace, whiles its intimate scale is sure to draw in new readers." —Publishers Weekly

"[The Flightless Falcon] is quite well-crafted and has any number of twists and turns which kept this reader guessing as to what was going to happen next to our protagonist and his group of helpers." —Vector 220