The Ice Orphan By Kathleen O'Neal Gear

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ISBN: 9780756418755


Published by (2023-11-21)

Now in paperback, this third book in the Rewilding Report cli-fi series from a nationally recognized anthropologist explores a frozen future where archaic species struggle to survive an apocalyptic ice age.

It’s been 925 summers since the Jemen introduced zyme, a bioluminescent algae, into the world’s ocean and unwittingly triggered an ice age that has consumed most of the planet. All but a handful of Jemen flew to the stars, but before they left, they recreated several extinct species that had thrived in the last ice age. After almost a thousand summers, the archaic hominins that struggle along the edges of massive glaciers are dwindling. All they have to save them is a dying quantum computer called Quancee and her student, a Denisovan man named Lynx.

When the last Jemen, Vice Admiral Jorgenson, tells Lynx he’s going to dismantle Quancee and use her parts to create a new computer, Lynx is stunned. But while Lynx battles to save Quancee, the quantum computer has other priorities. Before she dies, she has to save a special boy who cannot save himself.

Meanwhile, in the lodges of the Sealion People, a sick boy on the verge of manhood hears voices, including an old woman who sings to him. When Jawbone goes on his first quest to find a spirit helper, that same old woman finds him, and his life will never be the same.

An insightful story of climate change with a basis in anthropological research, The Ice Orphan takes readers on a journey to a world at once strange and familiar.

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Format: Trade Paperback
Price: 18 USD / 24.95 CAD
Published: 2023-11-21
ISBN: 9780756418755
Page Count: 304
Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Praise for The Ice Lion

"With this engrossing series launch, Gear conjures a vivid postapocalyptic world.... This mesmerizing adventure through a world destroyed by climate change is sure to have readers hooked." —Publishers Weekly

"Gear brings her vast knowledge of prehistoric cultures to this climate-fiction tale with beautiful and engaging worldbuilding.... A loose, beautiful tapestry of a tale." —Kirkus Reviews

"Written by both a master storyteller and scientist, it’s a chilling tale of a different climate change." —Amazing Stories

"The icy setting, with its mountains and ocean, provide a cold backdrop to the warmth of the peoples, whose lives are going to be inescapably altered when paths cross and the past is excavated." —Whiskey with my Book