The Loneliest Magician By Irene Radford

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ISBN: 9781440674051


Published by (1996-09-01)

As war rages between the armies of Coronnan and SeLenicc, an equally desperate campaign is being fought between the Commune, which uses dragon magic, and the coven, which draws its power from an older, darker source.  With the dragons vanished from the land, the only hope of saving Coronnan, the king, and the Commune lies in finding the dragons and bringing them back.  Yet this quest will not fall to the realm’s Senior Magician. A young orphan—a powerful yet untested magician—is being called by the dragons, lured with the promise of discovering his true identity.
Can an untested youth venture into the heart of the enemy’s stronghold and find the means to set the dragon’s free?

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Published: 1996-09-01
ISBN: 9781440674051
Page Count: 352