The Mageborn Traitor By Melanie Rawn

The Mageborn Traitor

Exiles, Volume 2

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ISBN: 9781101666326


Published by (1998-03-01)

The second volume of the Exiles series pits sister against sister in a battle of magic, power, and long-held family secrets

For generations, the Mage Guardians and the Lords of Malerris have waged a secret war against one another—and the world of Lenfell has paid the price. And though the Mage Guardians came close to being destroyed in the last confrontation, the Malerrisi were ultimately forced to withdraw, relinquishing much of the control they had gained.

But their retreat has not been as complete as it seems. Glenin, former First Daughter of Ambrai, is determined to have her revenge and regain her power, plotting the ruin of her sisters, Sarra, Councillor of Sheve, and Cailet, the new Mage Captal, while the Malerissi—under Glenin’s leadership—once again begin weaving a web with which to entangle their entire world.

And even as Cailet’s dream of a restored Mage Hall becomes a reality, and Sarra’s legal reforms offer the hope of greater prosperity and equality for all people, Glenin prepares to strike at the very heart of both her sisters’ power. All it will take is the betrayal of Ambrai’s most closely guided family secret, and the right traitor planted in the heart of Cailen’s haven. A traitor trained to be the nemesis of all Mage Guardians; Glenin’s perfect tool of destruction and most loyal follower—her own son.

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Published: 1998-03-01
ISBN: 9781101666326
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Praise for the Exiles trilogy

"Rawn's talent for lush descriptions and complex characterizations provides a broad range of drama, intrigue, romance, and adventure." —Library Journal

"Full of action and romance.... Much the same feel as Rawn's Dragon books, a sprawling family chronicle full of politics, subterfuge, and magic." —Locus

"Written with the magical prose that can only be Melanie Rawn at her bestThe Ruins of Ambrai is an enchanting tale that will captivate anyone." —Affaire de Coeur

"Melanie Rawn has established beyond doubt that she is a great writer of fantasyand The Ruins of Ambrai will join the Dragon series in my library of favorites for years to come." —Realms of Fantasy

"[The Mageborn Traitor] ends at a breakneck, breathless pace, very well-done and driving." —Curled Up With a Good Book