The Magic Bookcase By Robert Thingpen

ISBN: 9781662650017


Published by (2020-11-10)

Hans Christian Andersen Medalist Robert Ingpen brings classic stories to life in a collection that serves as his magnum opus to the imagination.

Featured in New York Times Book Review "8 Picture Books About Books"

World-renowned illustrator Robert Ingpen begins his magical journey through the world of classic children's stories with a mural he worked on for years, inspired by the great storybook characters. The original mural is more than 20 feet long, but Mr. Ingpen knew he had to find a way to turn that work into a book in its own right. This book contains some of his favorite quotations from the stories that inspired him, as well as an eye-popping fold-out centerpiece with a reproduction of the full mural. This book is an eye-popping illustrated celebration of the power of imagination.

Book Details

Format: Hardcover
Price: 19.99 USD / 26.99 CAD
Published: 2020-11-10
ISBN: 9781662650017
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 8-7/10 x 11-1/2

Featured in New York Times Book Review "8 Picture Books About Books"

"“A goblin named Tally guides readers through a more-than-20-foot-long foldout reproduction of the massive mural Ingram painted of ‘a room with bookcase walls’ where instead of the great storybooks themselves their most colorful characters come alive." -- New York Times Book Review

"Ingpen spins a fantastic spell in this imaginative book....Beautiful to look at...these pictures absolutely deserve to be pored over." -- Read and Reviews blog