The Painter and the President By Sarah Albee; Illustrated by Stacy Innerst

The Painter and the President

Gilbert Stuart's Brush with George Washington

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ISBN: 9781662680014


Published by (2024-08-27)

George Washington hated having his portrait painted, but as president of the United States, he knew his image needed to live on. This nonfiction picture book explores how artist Gilbert Stuart created Washington’s most lasting and recognized portrait—the one that’s used on the one-dollar bill.

George Washington and artist Gilbert Stuart didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but both men knew the importance of legacy and the power of art. Though George disliked having his portrait painted—which took days and days to complete—he knew his place in history would require people to know his face. Fortunately, Gilbert Stuart’s unique way of painting didn’t compel his subjects to sit for hours on end—in fact, he encouraged them to move around and even bring friends to chat with. Capturing the soul of each subject, his portraits were unlike any other artists’. And Gilbert Stuart’s one-of-a-kind portrait of Washington stands the test of timeit’s the one that’s used on the one-dollar bill.

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Published: 2024-08-27
ISBN: 9781662680014
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"The Painter and the President spotlights the relationship between America’s first president and Gilbert Stuart, one of the many artists who tried to capture his image on canvas. By the time of Washington’s presidency, Stuart had made a fine reputation as a portraitist. Although many of his subjects loved sitting for him, the laconic George Washington was not one of them. Sarah Albee and Stacy Innerst cleverly celebrate this relationship by looking at the many ways the painter tried in order to get a true portrait of America’s first president."—Mary V. Thompson, research historian emerita, George Washington’s Mount Vernon