The Reel Stuff By Brian M. Thomsen and Martin H. Greenberg

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ISBN: 9781440637964


Published by (2008-06-03)

The stories that launched money-making blockbusters, 'almost any of the stories is worth the price of the whole volume.'

The Reel Stuff collects thirteen memorable-and in some cases award-winning, tales from legendary names in science fiction, fantasy, and horror that inspired some of Hollywood's greatest successes on the silver screen, or found rabid followings as cult classics.

Features the stories that inspired:

Minority Report - Total Recall - The Thing - Johnny Mnemonic - Re-animator - Candyman - Millennium - Enemy Mine - Mimic - Screamers - Nightflyers - Amanda and the Alien - The Outer Limits: Sandkings

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Published: 2008-06-03
ISBN: 9781440637964
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