The Silver Gryphon By Mercedes Lackey

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ISBN: 9780886776855


Published by (1997-03-01)

The third and final book in Mercedes Lackey's classic Mage Wars trilogy featuring the gryphons, set in the beloved fantasy world of Valdemar

A dozen years of peace have passed in the city of White Gryphon, providing well-deserved and much-needed security for the people who lost their homes in the magical Cataclysm that killed the Mage Urtho, creator of the gryphons.

But the inhabitants of White Gryphon have not forgotten their long struggles, and have trained an elite guard force, the Silver Gryphons, to protect their city, and if necessary, to join with the army of the Black Kings for mutual defense.

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Format: Paperback
Price: 9.99 USD / 12.99 CAD
Published: 1997-03-01
ISBN: 9780886776855
Page Count: 400
Trim Size: 4-3/16 x 6-7/8

Praise for Valdemar

"The high stakes and the dangerous journey keep the story moving at a brisk pace. Lackey’s characters, meanwhile, are admirable as ever as they learn to work together. Series fans will not be disappointed.” —Publishers Weekly

"Eye Spy feels like a present written especially for me. You're gonna want to read it. This one's a firecracker.” —

"Whether it's the spellbinding world, the intrigue of the plot, or the simple yet remarkable narrative style—it is impossible to say which of these makes the story so good, but one thing is for sure: Closer to Home marks the beginning of another fantastic Lackey series.” —RT Reviews

"Mags remains an engaging character, and makes a very capable spy/investigator.... His adventures still make engrossing reading.” —Locus

"Returning to her beloved Valdemar universe, Lackey opens her new series at a pivotal time in the history of Valdemar.... Series fans will enjoy the variations on a familiar theme, while enough information is presented for first-timers to discover a world of high adventure and individual courage. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

"Closer to the Heart has the two things that have always made me love these books: a richly detailed history of the world, and beautiful writing.” —The Arched Doorway

"Lackey is a master at characterization.” —The Ranting Dragon