The Silver Lake By Fiona Patton

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ISBN: 9780756403669


Published by (2007-02-06)

In Anavatan, the city of the Silver Lake, the gods manifest on a regular basis. But if you are among the unpledged, it is hard to survive, especially during the three-night-long chaos known as Havo's Dance. When Havo's storms sweep through Anavatan, anyone who is unaffiliated had best find a safe place to hide or they risk madness or death. But this year, three young street orphans have been chosen for special attention by Incasa, the god of prophecy.When that God's dice roll during the height of Havo's Dance, these three boys-thieves and con artists-will discover their destinies. One will be bound by a life-or-death pledge that will see him marked as the future Champion of the War God, another forced to walk a perilous road as he seeks to master his talent as a seer, and the last will be cast forth from the city and claimed by the hungry spirits seeking a way into Anavatan and the precious power contained in the Silver Lake.

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Format: Paperback
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Published: 2007-02-06
ISBN: 9780756403669
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Fresh and interesting...I look forward to the next. (Science Fiction Chronicle)

Fluidly paced fantasy adventure. (Library Journal)

Fantastic fantasy filled with action [and] intrigue...refreshingly original. (Midwest Book Review)