The Stargods Trilogy By Irene Radford

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Published by (2015-01-06)

It is a time for legends to be born....
Operating on the wrong side of interstellar law one time too many, the three O’Hara brothers find themselves in a life-or-death flight from intergalactic police forces. In a last desperate escape attempt, they stumble across what must be a lost or abandoned colony world.
Forced to bring their shuttle down in search of repair facilities, the O’Haras encounter humans who have returned to a hunter-gatherer level of society. Here is a place where technology can make them seem like gods—a land where they will remain trapped unless they can find a way to mine and manufacture the things they need to repair their ship.
They don’t believe the legends about dragons and magic, and they are certain technology will see them through—at least until they confront their first dragon and feel their own unique powers expanding beyond their control....
Here, together for the first time, are the three novels which reveal the truth behind the legend of the Stargods, the events which changed the future of an entire world.

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Published: 2015-01-06
ISBN: 9780756410421
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Praise for the Stargods series:

“The action-packed plot makes for engaged and thoughtful reading. The author manages to keep the story clear, and the characters interesting to follow. Several themes interplay successfully, with the reader caring what happens." —Kliatt 

“Just another dragon tale? Not! The Hidden Dragon is a light sci-fi story in which hi-tech clashes with barbarism.... The book is original." —Green Man Review

“Radford always writes well, and this is no exception.” —Science Fiction Chronicle 

“The third book in the Stargod series is just as exciting and action-packed as the other two.... Radford shows readers once again why her books are so popular." —Midwest Book Review