The Tangled Stars By Edward Willett

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ISBN: 9780756418151


Published by (2022-10-18)

This new novel from an Aurora Award-winning author presents a sci-fi caper of high-stakes interstellar travel.

More than a century ago, the network of MASTTs, the space-time tunnels that made interstellar travel possible, violently collapsed, the backlash destroying a lot of the solar system’s space-based infrastructure. Cooper “Coop” Douglas, a thief and conman, is in serious debt to outer-system crime-lord Eric Galioto. While trying to salvage a valuable chunk of a space station destroyed by the backlash, Coop makes a startling discovery: MASTT Primus, the tunnel that used to lead to New Earth, is open again. That raises an intriguing possibility: Coop could flee the solar system and his debt to Galioto and make a new life—and possibly fortune—around another star.

Accompanied by his first mate, the wisecracking, AI-uplifted, genetically modified cat Thibauld, Coop sets out to “liberate” the solar system’s only remaining functioning starship from an Earthside museum, enlisting the help of Laysa Grey, a former-lover-turned-cop on Luna. Along the way, he is pursued by Galioto and dogged by law enforcement and thugs.

And beyond MASTT Primus, the tangled stars await . . .

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Format: eBook
Price: 9.99 USD / 10.99 CAD
Published: 2022-10-18
ISBN: 9780756418151
Page Count: 420

Praise for The Tangled Stars

"Take the cramped clunky ships of the EXPANSE, add a conman/thief with a heart of gold (who doesn't remember to exercise), a wise-cracking AI cat, and mix with interstellar expansion...did I mention a nifty wistful romance? Enjoy. I did." —Julie E. Czerneda, author of the Night’s Edge series

“A must read for all fans of Star Wars, cats, and space opera.” —Urban Book Reviews

For science fiction readers and lovers of deep space novels, this book is going to check all the boxes.” —Scribble's Worth Book Reviews