The War Of The Flowers By Tad Williams

Published by (2006-09-05)

Theo Vilmos' life is about to take a real turn for the worse.


He is drawn from his home in Northern California into the parallel world of Faerie, for, unknown to him, he is a pivotal figure in a war between certain of Faerie's powerful lords and the rest of the strange creatures who live in this exotic realm.


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Format: eBook
Price: 4.99 USD / 16.99 CAD
Published: 2006-09-05
ISBN: 9781101657645
Page Count: 832

Praise for The War of the Flowers:

"Rock musician Theo Vilmost plummets headlong into the land of Faerie and finds himself thrust into the middle of a political and social maelstrom with only a foul-mouthed sprite as his ally. Williams's unforgettable cross-world fantasy turns faerie lore on its ear and is his best work to date." —Library Journal

The War of the Flowers is an intense urban fantasy of fairies, changelings, and the end of the world…. A richly detailed, fully developed world of mortal vs. fairy.”—Romantic Times (top pick!)

“Travel into another dimension is a popular fantasy ploy, but rarely accomplished with such humor, terror, and even logic as this standalone by bestseller Williams.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Williams’s latest standalone fantasy epic is a masterpiece of fantasy worldbuilding, with a Faerie land that eerily mirrors the real world…. The tone is often dark, but rich, building a wondrous tale set in a fascinating world, with a classic reluctant hero and a cause worth cheering for.” —Locus

Swift action and strong characterization make War of the Flowers an excellent and original fantasy novel.” —Library Bookwatch

“For readers who adore de Lint’s contemporary fantasy, this is a must-read; for people who have appreciated anything else that Williams has done, this is also highly recommended. I’m not sure what Williams will try next…but it’s clear that wherever he’s going, it’s worth following.” —Musing on Books

“I was caught up in the complexity of Mr. Williams’s imagination, and in the marvelous details of this fay world. This story of war and revolution is one of those perfect tales.” —Center City’s Weekly Press

 “A very elaborate and fully realized setting for adventure, intrigue, and more than an occasional chill.”—SF Chronicle