This Gulf of Time and Stars By Julie E. Czerneda

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Published by (2015-11-03)

Space opera meets hard science fiction in this trilogy featuring “fully-fledged alien races, intriguing plotlines, beautifully drawn worlds, and . . . believable inter-species romance” (Ursula Pflug, The Alphabet Stones).

To save their world, the most powerful of the Om’ray left their homes. They left behind all memory of their past. Calling themselves the Clan, they settled among Humanity, hiding in plain sight, using their ability to slip past normal space to travel where they wished, using their ability to control minds to ensure their place and security.

They are no longer hidden.

For the Clan face a crisis. Their reproduction is tied to individual power, and their latest generation of females, Choosers, are too strong to safely mate. Their attempt to force others to help failed until Sira di Sarc, their leader and the most powerful of their kind, successfully Joined with a human, Jason Morgan, starship captain and telepath. With Morgan, Sira forged the first peace between her kind and the Trade Pact.

But it is a peace about to shatter. Those the Clan have controlled all these years will rise against them. Her people dying around her, war about to consume the Trade Pact, Sira will be left with only one choice. She must find the way back. And take the Clan home.

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Format: eBook
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Published: 2015-11-03
ISBN: 9780698190030
Page Count: 400

“I almost never cry at books and this one made me sob. Twice! Powerful, surprising, and packing a serious emotional punch, The Gate to Futures Past is a true game-changer.
—Karina Sumner-Smith, author of Radiant

“Czerneda excels at creating sympathetic characters and building intricate and fascinating worlds.”
Publishers Weekly
“Her multi-species style space opera a hallmark of the form, a fully realized saga of aliens and races and cultures that stands alongside works like C.J. Cherryh’s Chanur-verse.”
—SF Signal

"Complex worldbuilding, unique aliens ('Assemblers!?'), a race to save a sentient species: Julie Czerneda’s This Gulf of Time and Stars will draw readers in and ’port us among planetary systems, each more dangerous than the next." —Vonda N. McIntyre, author of The Moon and the Sun

"Julie Czerneda’s narrative style is as masterful, intricate, and beautifully constructed as the complex universe of This Gulf of Time and Stars. A compelling and delightful read stuffed with enchanting characters and unexpected plot turns." —Stephen Leigh, author of The Crow of Connemara

"Julie Czerneda is a first class builder of worlds that challenge the imagination and characters who seize your heart. This Gulf of Time and Stars is a compelling page turner, and I was sorry to reach the end. Then the author left me with a smile." —Jenna Rhodes, author of King of Assassins

"Czerneda’s latest SF brims with sense of wonder, her amazing worldbuilding, and serves plots that span worlds. Don’t miss out!" —Tobias S. Buckell, author of Hurricane Fever

"Warning! Gulf is nonstop, pitch-perfect, and possibly addictive.... Sira di Sarc is just the right heroine—full of both compassion and power—to take the Clan through the final stages of this dangerous search for their true origins. And, dare we hope...a place to call home?" —Doranna Durgin, author of Sentinels: Leopard Enchanted 

"I’m impressed by Czerneda’s well-known ability to create fully-fledged alien races, intriguing plotlines, beautifully drawn worlds, and—last but not least, believable inter-species romance! This Gulf of Time and Stars, the first in the Reunification trilogy, will appeal to readers of both genre and literary works." —Ursula Pflug, author of The Alphabet Stones

"Heartwarming, fast-paced, and just downright fun, new and existing fans of The Clan Chronicles won’t be able to put this book down." —Marie Bilodeau, Aurora-nominated author of the Destiny series