Thunder Underground By Jane Yolen; Illustrated by Josée Masse

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ISBN: 9781635925036


Published by (2020-11-03)

In this collection of poems that's a science, poetry, and adventure story all rolled into one, noted children's poet Jane Yolen takes readers on an expedition underground.

This thought-provoking collection will evoke a sense of wonder and awe in readers, as they discover the mysterious world underneath us. Kids will explore everything from animal burrows, to human creations -- like subways -- to ancient cities and fossils.  Even deeper down, there are caves, magma, and Earth's tectonic plates. The illustrations show how girl and boy, accompanied by several animals, go on a fantastic underground journey. In these poems, young readers will see that beneath us are the past, the present, and the future.

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Format: eBook
Price: 9.99 USD / 14.99 CAD
Published: 2020-11-03
ISBN: 9781635925036
Page Count: 32

★"Twenty-one poems...encourage children to explore what is under their feet using imagination and wonder. (E)ach poem honors the ability of young readers to navigate syntax, imagery, and wordplay. Yolen's treatment of the underground is expansive...(and) Masse's mixed-media illustrations portray the imaginary points of view with aplomb. A thoughtful exploration of nature expressed in poetry that should open the eyes of children to unseen worlds."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★"Yolen pays tribute to the natural...and the well as musing on lost cities, (and) pirate treasure...Blending creativity with scientific fact, (her) poems appeal to readers' imaginations and intellects alike."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"...This collection illuminates the rich world of activity that goes on beneath our feet. The warm, naturalistic illustrations of underground scenes...often contain an element of charming whimsy...(and) nicely compliment the verses. Great for either a school or public library."—Booklist

"Through a variety of poetic forms, readers will...uncover buried history...The text embodies wonder and factual information...The detailed illustrations...tie the book together and provide little Easter eggs for kids to notice on every page. For scientists and daydreamers, this...volume of poetry approaches the world from a variety of thought-provoking perspectives in an attractive and engaging package." —School Library Journal

“This book of short, fun poems… could be used to teach both poetry and content. The illustrations are bright and feature two children discovering all the wonderful things that live underground.”—School Library Connection

“Twenty-one poems invite children to consider the worlds—natural and manmade— beneath their feet…. shifting perspectives add a sense of playfulness. Notes…for each poem round out this title, offering extra information, conversation starters, and possibly inspiration for children to write about their own subterranean interests."—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books