Turtle Tide By Stephen R. Swinburne; Illustrated by Bruce Hiscock

Turtle Tide

The Ways of Sea Turtles

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ISBN: 9781590788271


Published by (2010-08-01)

A mother turtle swims to shore. She digs a hole in a dune where she lays one hundred eggs. Following her instinct, she covers the eggs with sand and slowly makes her way back to sea. What happens next, from eggs to hatchlings, is one of the most extraordinary occurrences in nature. For the eggs provide food for other animals, and the eggs that survive produce hatchlings that, again, provide food for birds and crabs. Even those hatchlings that make it to the ocean face an uncertain future. Lyrical text and dramatic paintings give young readers an understanding of how turtles give birth and how the young fight for survival in this winner of the Maryland Blue Crab Young Readers' Award.

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Format: Trade Paperback
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Published: 2010-08-01
ISBN: 9781590788271
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"Hiscock's watercolors illuminate each step along the way in fascinating detail, providing the hook that will lure readers into wanting more. . . . A satisfying introduction to endangered animals, the food chain and the intrepid Atlantic sea turtle by a National Park Service Ranger and author of many other nature titles." --Kirkus Reviews

"A great addition to any collection of library books on reptiles, turtles, and environmental problems." --Library Media Connection

"Well done and worth reading - and the lovely, full-page watercolors are as powerful as the concise text." --Science Books & Films