What Color is Nature? By Stephen R. Swinburne

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ISBN: 9781590780084


Published by (2002-03-01)

Nature comes in many colors. The sun is yellow, an apple is red, a feather is blue. You can find nature's colors in the most unexpected places. Sometimes you have to look closely, but color is always there. Stephen R. Swinburne invites children to have fun seeing the colors around them as they walk down the street or play in the park. A wonderful world of color is waiting for those who open their eyes.

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Format: Trade Paperback
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Published: 2002-03-01
ISBN: 9781590780084
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 10 x 8

"Sharp images make it easy for children to focus on the subjects. . . . A handsome book. . . . The short text and easy question-and-answer section make it a natural for reading aloud." --Booklist