Where Do You Stay? By Andrea Cheng

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ISBN: 9781629792941


Published by (2014-09-12)

Jerome is staying with his Aunt Geneva and her family, now that his mother has passed away. Aunt Geneva does her best to make Jerome feel welcome, but it just doesn't feel like home. He misses his mother, he misses his piano, and his cousins make it clear they're not happy about the new living arrangements. Then Jerome meets Mr. Willie, who lives in a ramshackle carriage house nearby. Mr. Willie isn't like other people in Jerome's life: he doesn't ask a lot of questions; he just listens. He played the piano as a boy, just like Jerome. Maybe Jerome can find a home again with Mr. Willie. But when the carriage house is slated for demolition, Mr. Willie disappears. Jerome wonders where his friend will stay, and whether he will ever find a place to call home in this Society of School Librarians International Honor Book.

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Format: eBook
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Published: 2014-09-12
ISBN: 9781629792941
Page Count: 136

" Jerome's voice convinces and moves readers without falling into sentimentality. . . . Jerome himself makes a fully realized, deeply sympathetic protagonist." —Kirkus Reviews

"A moving tribute to a multigenerational community's ability to sustain and recreate itself in times of change through resilience, hard work, and a commitment to beauty and kindness." —Publishers Weekly

"Cheng captures a child's uneven passage from the impossible shock of losing his mother to his gradual reentry into life without her." —Booklist