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ANSWERING THE CRY FOR FREEDOM event at Trenton Public Library

“A Revolutionary Conversation: Whose history and whose freedom, anyway?” will feature Trenton students portraying real-life African-Americans who lived during the Revolutionary War and were excluded from the ideals espoused by... Read More

Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival

Kathy Cannon Wiechman (LIKE A RIVER, NOT ON FIFTH STREET, EMPTY PLACES) to appear at the Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival, Rossford, OH Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival is a... Read More

American Military History - Thumb

17 Picture Books that Celebrate American Military History

Military history and war times shape every aspect of society, from the physical borders between nations to the language, religion, and rights of citizens. Read More

Why Garfield? by Gail Jarrow

“Why Garfield?” by Author Gail Jarrow

Why did I choose to write about James Garfield’s assassination?  Many people have asked me this question since the October 2021 publication... Read More

11 Books to Read for Presidents’ Day

Join us in observance of Presidents’ Day with these Astra Books for Young Readers titles that will educate young readers on historical... Read More

Celebrate Nonfiction November with these Books for Young Readers

Learn How the World Works Through Nonfiction Picture Books

Reading nonfiction can introduce young readers to true moments in history, foster critical thinking, and help their growing minds make... Read More

Author Gail Jarrow Reveals Why She Writes about Deadly Diseases

Author Gail Jarrow Reveals Why She Writes about Deadly Diseases

In this exclusive session with Gail Jarrow and Calkins Creek editor Carolyn Yoder, the pair discuss why learning history is so vital in relation to the present. Read More