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7 Christmas Classics to Make the Season Special

Whether you’re traveling to see loved ones, hosting special guests, or just cuddled up together at home, sharing these classic Christmas picture books will create holiday memories to last a lifetime.

These stories are filled with kindness and love and are sure to make the holidays feel cozy and warm.

Order today from your favorite bookstore and get them under the tree in time to make Christmas morning extra-special!

Contemporary Christmas

A little light, a little edgy, and a whole lot of fun—kids will delight with each turn of the page!

A fun holiday book about forest animals, hope, and giving the best gift of all—friendship!

It’s Christmas time in the forest, but this year there isn’t much for the animals to celebrate. It’s been a cold, snowy winter and food is scarce. Clara, a little deer, is worried about Christmas, so she wishes on a star for help. The next day Clara hears the sound of bells in the distance. As she follows the magical sound, she is joined by a squirrel and a rabbit. When they stumble onto a stash of nuts and berries, they decide to share it with everyone in the forest.

After all, sharing is giving, and that’s what Christmas is all about. This beautiful, heart-warming story is about giving and sharing and helping wishes come true.

Ginger the Halloween witch has a big Christmas wish–a visit from Santa Claus. But Santa doesn’t believe in witches–until Ginger’s letter to him magically appears on his desk! This book is a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for kids.

Ginger spends a lot of her time creating spells, and flying through the night on her broom. But she is different from the other witches — because she also ADORES Christmas! Even with Ginger’s good deeds and endless Christmas cheer, she’s never received a single visit from Santa. What’s a Christmas-loving Halloween witch supposed to do? In this twist on the Christmas holiday’s traditional “believe” concept, Ginger’s wish of a Merry Witchmas comes true thanks to some holiday magic and good cheer.

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*Small-size stocking stuffer!

By Giuliano Ferri

A simple, wordless celebration of winter joy—with a delightful surprise ending

What happens when you take a little snowball and try to make it bigger? You might roll it up a hill, you might even get some friends to help you roll it, until the snowball is huge. But what happens when gravity takes over? In this adorably hilarious, wordless board book, artist Giuliano Ferri uses clever die-cuts to bring humor and anticipation to a charming story of what happens when the snowball of your dreams goes off course.

Faith-based & Traditional Christmas Stories

These books remember and celebrate the “reason for the season,” and tell of the birth of Jesus and the power of that special night.

By Kate Westerlund, illustrated by Feridun Oral

This classic holiday book that brings together nature, the nativity, and the celebration of the first Christmas, Jesus’s birth, makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for toddlers, boys and girls from 3 to 5 years old, and the young at heart!

“Let there be peace on Earth.” A timeless message of how peace can spread from one person to another, ideal for Christmas time, and throughout the year.

Long ago a special child was born, and the animals heard a song of blessing and good will for all the creatures of the earth. But now the birds wonder why no one sings the song anymore. And so they fly far and wide, singing the song of joy and peace. Here is a beautiful story about the powerful role we all play in passing on the timeless message: “Let there be peace. Peace on Earth.”

*Small-size stocking stuffer!

By Werner Thuswaldner, illustrated by Robert Ingpen

The traditional Christian Christmas song “Silent Night, Holy Night,” beautifully illustrated by the award-winning artist Robert Ingpen.

The origin story of a beloved Yuletide hymn

Complete with the song lyrics, this lushly illustrated and beautifully told story explains how the popular Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” was written and put to music. An embodiment of peace, love, and the spirit of Christmas itself, this picture book is the perfect resource for anyone who has wondered where this heartwarming song originated.

Nostalgic Christmas

Classic stories illustrated by the award-winning artist Feridun Oral.

This classic holiday book about a lost teddy bear makes a perfect gift for boys and girls 5 – 7 years old.

Can one lost teddy bear make it home for Christmas? The little rabbits and mice who find him in the snow certainly hope so. A lost bear means a sad Christmas for him and for the poor child missing their friend. Together the animals, with a little love, spruce up this shoddy teddy just in time to make a very special Christmas for his lonely owner. This is a heartwarming story about the power of hope, persistence, and finding the way home.

This classic holiday book about a mouse and his friends makes a perfect gift.

One cold winter morning Little Mouse ventures out in search of enough firewood to heat his nest. But when he tries to drag his pile home, he realizes everything he’s gathered is much too heavy for him. Maybe his friends can help out, but they’d better hurry, because there’s a blizzard on the way. If they can find a way to work together and keep each other safe, maybe they can all have the warm winter they’ve been hoping for. This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the power of friendship, persistence–and a little luck–to make our dreams come true. This is a winter story that will warm your heart.

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