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The Holidays are for Binge-Reads: Sci-Fi Book Series You Don’t Want to Miss

What are the essential ingredients of a perfect holiday binge-read? A warm mug, a soft blanket, and a great book (or twelve!). Instead of running all over town, take some time to yourself and truly relax with one or more of these binge-worthy science fiction book series. All are available in eBook for extra convenient chain reading. Dive in!

DAW Science Fiction Reads

Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse

Learn more about the 3-book series. Marion “Mops” Adamopoulos, head of a spaceship’s Health and Sanitation crew, guides her team through a zombie infestation and their discovery that the human history they took for granted isn’t quite the whole story. The final book in the series, Terminal Peace, was released in August 2022!

“It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy meets MacGyver, with zombies.” —Howard Tayler, Hugo-winning author of Schlock Mercenary

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The Rory Thorne Universe

The newest addition to the Rory Thorne universe is Nightwatch over Windscar, which just released in November. This is the second book in The Weep series, and follows unlikely allies who must discover the secrets of ancient ruins. “Readers seeking a genre-blending tale will enjoy Eason’s no-nonsense tone as she sets the plot of a thriller within her established world of science fiction and fantasy.” —Booklist

We first met Rory Thorne with the widely acclaimed How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse. “The political intrigue never fails to surprise, each character is layered and compelling, and there’s a perfect balance between science-fiction action and fairy-tale fantasy. Do not, under any circumstances, miss out on this.” —Kirkus (starred review)

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The Donovan Series

Set on an alien world brimming with danger and opportunity, the Donovan novels follow a group of colonists, criminals, and corporate enforcers as they brave the vicious planet and uncover the mysteries at its heart.

“Gear kicks off a new sf series by weaving a number of compelling characters into the narrative, including bold heroine Talina Perez and Donovan itself, a planet teeming with danger and delights in turn…. Fans of epic space opera, like Rachel Bach’s Fortune’s Pawn (2013), will happily lose themselves in Donovan’s orbit.” —Booklist

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The Foreigner Series

A full-on binge! At twenty-one titles plus a new one coming in 2023, The Foreigner series is one of the most well-regarded series in science fiction. Learn more about the series and get all the titles in order.

  • “C.J. Cherryh’s splendid Foreigner series remains at the top of my must-keep-up reading list after two decades.” —Locus
  • “A seriously probing, thoughtful, intelligent piece of work, with more insight in half a dozen pages than most authors manage in half a thousand.” —Kirkus Reviews
  • “One of the best long-running SF series in existence…Cherryh remains one of the most talented writers in the field.” —Publishers Weekly

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Standalone Novels

No time for a binge-read session? No problem—these standalone novels released in 2022 are perfect for holiday reading.

  • To Each This World by Julie E. Czerneda: “Dense with bizarre aliens and imaginative technology, the intricate worldbuilding sets this apart. Readers seeking substantial science fiction should check this out.” —Publishers Weekly
  • The Tangled Stars by Edward Willett: a funny sci-fi caper featuring high-stakes interstellar travel and an AI cat. “The Tangled Stars by Edward Willett is a must-read for all fans of Star Wars, cats, and space opera.” — Urban Book Reviews
  • Bound to a Single Sun by Stephen W. Leigh: “Leigh (A Rising Moon) puts an inventive spin on a familiar trope in this provocative tale of first contact set in the far future…. Exploring big ideas about interplanetary travel, this finely crafted sci-fi saga is full of both surprises and charm.” —Publishers Weekly
  • Braking Day by Adam Oyebanji: “Oyebanji’s nuanced exploration of social and cultural shifts make this a must-read for space opera fans.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)