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A Mother-Daughter Valentine’s Day Book Club

An exclusive look at a very special book club event, hosted by Astra Books for Young Readers.

Last week, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in the best possible way–with a mother-daughter book club. It was a joy to host friends-of-Astra tweens and their moms for an evening of fizzy drinks (with glasses they personalized with googly eyes) and sushi bites to talk about the first volume of THE LOVE REPORT, a graphic novel by writer-duo BeKa and with delightful, manga-inspired illustrations by Maya. We talked about everything from smashing stereotypes to the fragility of friendships, mother-daughter boundaries, and yes, romantic relationships in its many forms (good and bad). Were we absolutely blown away by the smartest group of tweens we’ve ever met? Yes, we were.

Be sure to check out our Love Report Book Club Kit, complete with a drink recipe, a link to a short video interview with the charming Maya, downloadable character bookmarks, and a playlist inspired by the book.

“So. Much. Drama.” —Perrin, age 11

“My favorite character is Felicity because she is so mysterious.”
Una, age 11

“I loved when the three friends make a friendship lock together as a symbol of their love for one another!”
—Wynn, age 12

P.S. THE LOVE REPORT: VOLUME 2 is out now!