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Maradaine Constabulary

Mixing high fantasy and mystery, this series features Satrine Rainey and Minox Welling, two detectives in the constabulary who protect the city of Maradaine from... Read More


Torin Kerr and her team must stave off a search for planet-destroying weapons to prevent an interplanetary war, in this spinoff of Huff’s popular spacefaring Confederation... Read More

Maradaine Novels

Mixing high fantasy and urban fantasy, this series follows the exploits of Veranix, a struggling magic university student by day and armed vigilante by... Read More

The Owl Mage Trilogy

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Renshai Chronicles

Sequel to the acclaimed Renshai trilogy, the Renshai Chronicles continue the tale of the realm of Bearn as they recover from the cataclysmic destruction of Ragnarok and face new threats... Read More

Elemental Masters

The Elemental Masters series features loosely connected, standalone novels, each inspired by a reimagined fairy tale, set in an alternate turn-of-the-century world where magical masters control the powers of Fire,... Read More

Sacred Hunt

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Cleveland Portal

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The royal line of Branion have been blessed, or cursed, with the power of the Flame, a magic which, if wielded properly, none can stand against in this epic fantasy... Read More

Seven Brothers

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