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This long-running, Locus Award-nominated series tells the epic tale of a sole human diplomat, Bren Cameron, on a planet inhabited by a hostile, intelligent, non-human race. From its beginnings as... Read More

The Desert Magician’s duology

From award-winning, Africanfuturist luminary Nnedi Okorafor, this duology tells the story of Ejii, as she embarks on a mystical journey to track down her father’s killer, in an era of... Read More

TOON Latin American Folktales

The award-winning TOON Latin American Folktales series highlights authentic Latin American stories and cultures, bringing them a to a new generation of graphic novel fans around the... Read More

The Godstone

Practioner Fenra Lowens must navigate a tumultuous magical court while dealing with ancient and dangerous arcane artifacts in the Godstone... Read More

The Founding of Valdemar

This series from New York Times bestselling author Lackey explores the long-awaited tale of an era crucial to Valdemar’s history–the original founding of the nation itself by the legendary Duke... Read More

The Book of the Holt

The Faraman Prophecy is an epic fantasy trilogy from V.M. Escalada that follows Kerida Nast and Tel Cursar as they fight against an invading force that threatens to destablize the... Read More

October Daye

This New York Times bestselling series follows changeling knight and sometime P.I. Toby Daye through the streets of San Francisco and into the mercurial world of... Read More

Kelvren’s Saga

... Read More

One Cool Duck

One Cool Duck: King of Cool is the first of four 64-page graphic chapter books in a new series about a group of friends learning that being nice is cool.... Read More

Eric Carter

As a necromancer in Los Angeles, Eric Carter makes a good living talking to the dead. But sometimes, talking doesn’t get the job done. And that’s usually where the trouble... Read More