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Math Matters

With over 15 million books sold worldwide, each book in the Math Matters series combines a fun story with a single math concept. Young readers will relate to the engaging... Read More

The Secret Life

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Mouse Math

Mouse Math, a fun, 8×8 storybook series featuring a cast of inquisitive mice, addresses simple math concepts, explaining each in an easy, enjoyable... Read More


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Bakers Mountain Stories

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The Nearly Always Perilous Adventures of Archibald Shrew

The animal inhabitants of Garbage Island (which is built from garbage in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) try to defend their society from invaders and also seek friends and family... Read More

Deadly Diseases

The books in the Deadly Diseases trilogy discusses pandemics and outbreaks in American History. Titles BUBONIC PANIC, FATAL FEVER, and RED MADNESS reveal how scientists solved the mysteries of plague,... Read More


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Makers Make It Work

Makers Make It Work® is a series of empowering stories for young readers developed to support the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) learning. Each book is inspired by... Read More

Medical Fiascoes

The Medical Fiascoes series examines important moments in nineteenth-and early-twentieth-century America when medical blunders, ignorance, and inexperience led to suffering and death. With a focus on the individuals at the... Read More