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Trade Pact Universe

Julie E. Czerneda’s Trade Pact Universe includes the Trade Pact trilogy, the Strafication trilogy, and the Reunification trilogy, which tell the tale of alien Sira di Sarc and her intergalactic... Read More

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries stars two kid detectives-in-training who use STEM problem-solving skills as they race to unravel cases and save the day! Perfect for fans of Encyclopedia Brown,... Read More

Eric Carter

As a necromancer in Los Angeles, Eric Carter makes a good living talking to the dead. But sometimes, talking doesn’t get the job done. And that’s usually where the trouble... Read More

Hippo Park Pals

The Hippo Park Pals are a set of four miniature picture books cretaed by Rilla Alexander perfect for children from ages 2-4. Each of the four jacketed miniature books tells... Read More

Bright Owl Books

... Read More

The Godstone

Practioner Fenra Lowens must navigate a tumultuous magical court while dealing with ancient and dangerous arcane artifacts in the Godstone... Read More


Set on an alien world brimming with danger and opportunity, the Donovan novels follow a group of colonists, criminals, and corporate enforcers as they brave the vicious planet and uncover... Read More

Streets of Maradaine

The Streets of Maradaine is a gritty-yet-epic series of novels set in a city where you only survive as long as you can fight with wit, will, and... Read More

Quantum Empirica

Darwin Lloyd must use reality-altering Threads to save his own world from devastation in this thrilling alternate-world science fiction... Read More

Kara Gillian

Filled with action, arcane power, and deals with devils, the Demon series features the demon-summoning Louisiana homicide detective Kara... Read More