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Animal Antics A to Z

This 26-book series features one book for each letter of the alphabet and one for each kid in Alpha Betty’s kindergarten class! With a focus on phonemic awareness, each story... Read More

Mage Wars

The Mage Wars series explores the pre-history of Valdemar through the gryphons: majestic, intelligent, and magical creatures who face conflicts that divide their... Read More

Benny and Penny

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Benjamin Bear can always surprise his friends, whether it’s by walking on his hands during a snowstorm or by using a tree as a parachute. This unassuming bear may at... Read More

TOON Graphic Mythology

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Otto the Cat

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The Leah and Alan Adventures

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The Philemon Adventures

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Zig and Wikki

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Goose and Bear Stories

Read along with Goose and Bear as they deal with some of childhood’s common issues, such as friendship, sharing, and getting along with others.  Written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom,... Read More