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Animals are Strange and Wonderful

Is a frog waterproof? How do wolves form packs? Do elephants make a lot of noise when they walk? What do dolphins eat?

Children have lots of questions about their favorite beasts, to satisfy their curiosity or for school research. And who can blame them–animals are strange and wonderful!

They can find answers to their questions in Laurence Pringle’s Strange and Wonderful series (called “consistently fine” by Booklist). The nonfiction middle grade series introduces readers to animals from all over the world—including spiders, whales, sharks, owls, octopuses, and many more—through comprehensive, in-depth information, stunning artwork, and robust back-matter. Below you will find the latest releases from Laurence Pringle’s series. There are 15 titles that round out the collection, currently, and you can browse them all here

*New* Wolves! Strange and Wonderful

This nonfiction book takes young readers on a journey into the lives of wolves, the largest of all wild mammals who have lived in the Northern Hemisphere for millions of years. Kids will learn how wolves use their powerful jaw muscles and sharp teeth to hunt their prey, how a wolf pack forms, and the meaning of different wolf howls. This book explores every aspect of these fascinating canines and even corrects erroneous myths and lore about them.

Frogs! Strange and Wonderful

Did you know that the Goliath frog is more than a foot long? Or that the tiny gold frog could sit on a dime? Some frogs have camouflage. Others wear bold colors warning their enemies that they are poisonous. School Library Journal called this book about the world’s hoppiest amphibians “a handsome, informative look into the unexpectedly diverse world of frogs.”

Elephants! Strange and Wonderful

Allow young readers to journey into the lives of intelligent, fascinating elephants in this August release. Kids will learn how elephants use their trunks, how they communicate, what they eat, and about their family groupings. The book also shows how we can ensure that elephants continue to live and thrive.

Dolphins! Strange and Wonderful

From the well-known bottlenose dolphin to several species of “blackfish” (including orcas) that most people believe are whales, this book is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to dolphin species from all over the world. Called a ‘superb book’ by School Library Journal.

Spiders! Strange and Wonderful

Along with an overview of the many thousands of species in the world—their habitats, physiology, mating habits, web-making, what and how they eat, and how they protect themselves from predators—this title goes beyond spiders ins and outs and explores why some people are so frightened by spiders and show how those fears are largely unfounded. School Library Journal called this intriguing book “an excellent STEM resource for school and public libraries.”

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