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Explore Queer Voices with These New Books

Explore all Queer Voices have to offer with these new and upcoming releases from Astra House. A collection of poems that plumbs the depths... Read More

Picture Books to Help You Talk to Kids about Tough Times

Picture Books Help Create Conversations with Kids about Tough Topics

It’s hard for young people to process big feelings—but books can help create conversations and restore hope! Read More

Girl Power Round-up. International Day of the Girl

Here’s to the Girls: Girl Power Picture Book Roundup

When girls live in a world that feels safe and supportive, the change they can create is infinite. So celebrate girl power with these books that showcase strong, independent women. Read More

Best Board Books for Babies

Best Board Books for Babies

When you find a board book that your baby loves, you’ll be rewarded by coos, giggles, and the knowledge and confidence that... Read More

Becoming Abolitionists by Derecka Purnell

Behind the Book: Becoming Abolitionists

How did Becoming Abolitionists come to be? Astra House Editorial Director Alessandra Bastagli details how she and Derecka Purnell met and... Read More

Event Recap: Astra Publishing House at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Astra House booth to greet us at the 2021 Brooklyn Book Festival. It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn... Read More


Introducing Astra Books for Young Readers

Today Astra Publishing House announces the formation of its children’s book division, Astra Books for Young Readers (ABFYR), a division of Astra Publishing House. Read More

Castaway Mountain, Saumya Roy

Go Behind the Scenes of Castaway Mountain with Saumya Roy

While Saumya Roy’s Castaway Mountain may read like a work of fiction, it’s the true story of Farzana Ali Shaikh, one of the best pickers in the Deonar... Read More

Why We Still Need Fairy Tales

Why We Still Need Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are wonder tales, dreamlike stories that feed our curiosity and address our most deep-seated wishes and fears. Children need them... Read More

Boyds Mills and Kane is now part of Astra Publishing House

Boyds Mills & Kane is now part of Astra Publishing House!

Boyds Mills & Kane is now part of Astra Publishing House! New York, May 19, 2020 – The formation of Astra Publishing House was announced today by... Read More