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3 Fun Book Series for Kids Age 3-11

If your kids are anything like our kids, requests for screen time and video games always come in fast and furious during the summer and on school breaks. Our best suggestion to redirect and resist these endless requests for screens? Have loads of great books available that are perfectly suited for young readers! When kids skip books during the summer, they may lose reading progress. This is also known as the dreaded summer slide or summer brain drain.

All of our Kane Press book series for kids is designed to engage, entertain, and teach kids the skills they need to keep learning all summer long, and into the next school year as well! Check out each series below to learn more and order your copies to get in on the summer reading fun.

Bright Owl Books 

The Bright Owl Books series is centered around fun woodland animals for kids ages 3 – 6. Created by best-selling Step Into Reading author and illustrator Molly Coxe, each book focuses on a different vowel sound to help develop early reading skills. In Save The Cake, for example, which features the long “a” vowel sound, Kate and Nate baked a cake. Can they keep it safe from Snake?

Mouse Math

This fun, 8×8 storybook series is perfect for readers ages 4 and up. Mouse Math stars the adorable mouse Albert who solves problems by addressing simple math concepts, explaining each in an easy, enjoyable way. And he will bring your child along for the adventure!

Milo & Jazz Mysteries

And for slightly older readers (or for read-aloud fun!), check out the Milo & Jazz Mysteries. This book series is perfect for kids ages 7-11 who like learning about science, math, and other STEM skills—and love a good whodunnit!